Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Sweetest Thing

(Great movie, by the way.  If only Cameron Diaz had been diabetic in it, then it would have been perfect.)  I had been thinking about sweets lately because I had half a Snickers ™ bar the other day to bust out of a low and it was just about THE BEST THING EVER!!!


I’ve had a lot of influences looking in on my diabetes over the years—I can liken it to political party races in some light—some folks have been staunchly liberal in the idea that I can do anything, eat what I want and just be safe and pay attention.  Others have been nagging and conservative, quietly saying things at parties like,  Ummm can we find something else for Carrie to eat?  while someone hauls out an amazing looking chocolate mousse cake with piles of berries and spun sugar all in the shape of the French Rivera…  And like an addict I do have a fascination with abusing sugar.  I rarely forego the dessert.  I don't overdo it, but I can't not have any...unless it’s something awful like marzipan.  Then diabetes is a great crutch to get out of having any.  Otherwise I crave sweets.  I want them most of the time--and not even elegant things like cheesecake or merengue--I'll jump the fence for some jelly beans.

Lately I have been observing budding teenagers all around as my boyfriend's daughter prepares for high school and has roughly two hundred friends over every other evening.  These girls drink ripping sweet Italian sodas.  Like 40 ounces at a time.  These girls eat candy.  These girls eat candy like nothing I've ever seen.  They tear through Halloween family-size bags of all kinds of crap within a matter of hours and I start obsessing about how unfair it is that their insides are processing it all normally.   Pixie sticks?!  Yes please! 

It's such a simple balance that we keep, but so constant and unrelenting.  Watching these girls go overboard on sweet tarts and taffy (yum and also yum) I remembered myself back in high school and the beginning of college when I was definitely at my worst in terms of taking care of myself--I used to eat candy and throw back jugs of juice with the completely back-ass thought of challenging God almost.  Basically daring a spiritual force to talk me out of it.  It never happened, but I never felt all that great either.  Having grown up somewhat, I do see that, oh yeah, INTELLIGENCE and RESPONSIBILITY and a SENSE OF SELF WORTH are all a part of the magic of beating your chronic affliction...if you are brave and awesome and all that. 

I still do want to be brave and awesome, though every now and then, lately especially, I keep hankering to do some real damage and drink a Mountain Dew that has a bag of gummy worms marinating in it.  The fact that I know the outcome of this scenario is much like the lessons one learns from AA, I guess.  One day at a time.  Don't do it, sister.  Just shrug it off and keep on keepin on. 

ok, ok.   

Friday, July 1, 2011

Point Reyes (Lighthouse Low?)

I took this picture last year from the Lighthouse at Point Reyes on the California coast. Lisa and my shadows are along the bottom toward the right :) I thought of it cause I went really low on that trip too. Maybe I just can't leave the house without having a disastrous low.

Alec thinks I go low in grocery stores on account of a psychosomatic reaction. We have yet to test it, but I will publish the results.