Monday, June 27, 2011

Canada Post Down!

As someone who had been raised completely responsibly with an understanding of proper maintenance of my health and regular visits to the doctor, it is somewhat appaling to see how I have oblitered foresight and proper planning at this point in my life. 

For a good 8 months now I had been ordering insulin from a Canadian pharmacy--they don't require a prescription (which is good because when you stop going to the doctor you stop getting them).  I didn't stop going to the doctor on purpose though--I swear!--I had reasons which included a 6 month stint of being uninsured, followed up by a move out of state before getting reinsured but once re-established I found, ha ha, that my new insurance only applied in Colorado while I was now located in California.  (this is a much longer story, you understand =)

BUT last week I put in an order with my trusty Cannuck Pharmy only to find that Canada's recent  nation-wide postal strike had put a stop to all mail delivery, thus blocking my ingenius and reasonable method of securing my meds.   It was a hurdle I had not anticipated.  I had to get creative.  Which I did.
In the meantime now I have a single bottle of Lantus and a single bottle of Humalog dwindling down until the end of July when I make the trek to Colorado to go see my old doctor and hopefully get a goddam prescription at last.  My doctor has never been good about renewing prescriptions for me when I can't come in for visits--which seems ultimately unfair to me considering that I need the insulin no matter what, but I'm not splitting hairs.  I'm down with the negotiation and trouble.  Bring it on!  He is going to laugh when I tell him...

or he may punch me in the face...

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  1. see this is why we need to enlist CARRIER CANADIAN GEESE. I'm writing congress...