Friday, February 3, 2012

Root Planing

WOW, is it not very fun!  I had the final two quadrants of my mouth completed today and my entire face was lopsided on account of the anesthetic--I looked very much like the victim of a stroke.  ...which is only funny remembering that episode of the Family Guy when half of Peter's entire body goes numb.

Stop mocking me! 

Anyway as I become super queen of oral health, I have a huge regiment to follow:
  • floss
  • brush
  • those little brushes between all teeth that will allow it
  • peroxide rinse
Day in and day out.  Or at least for the next 6 weeks before my check up.  I love the waterpick, but it's making me feel less human and more robotic with all this daily maintenence that must be followed for top quality performance. 

And I have this feeling that two of my back teeth that are now far apart, were touching when I went into this appointment this morning.  I just noticed that about half and hour ago and haven't made the call whether to panic or not...  are my teeth just this moveable force of pure annoyance?! 

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