Monday, January 30, 2012

THE GREY is a badass movie

#justsayin.  I haven't seen a movie twice in the theatres in a long time, and I saw this one on Saturday and Sunday.  So there!  Saturday I knew relatively nothing about the plot, and therefore it was this whirlwind of awesomeness as not only did it basically open with the greatest plane crash footage ever, but then went on to pick off each character in a crazy variety of ways while all the time telling these symbiotic wolf and human pack stories. 

Love Liam Neeson.  What a badass.  What a great dude.  I loved all the actors though--Diaz, Flannery, Henrick, I forget the others--wait, Burke, Hernandez--I am blanking on Dermot Mulroney's character name, but I loved him the same too.    It was incredibly intense and sad--but it had all this cool heart too.  And the wolves, though terrorizing them, were not the a-typical bad guys--they were doing their thing and unfortunately we were not supposed to be there.  ...not to mention in "the fucking den!"

It was a great movie.  It's dark--and it's defintiely not a pick-me-up plot; but it has very funny moments in with the darkness and by the end you are just riveted and moved and exhausted.  When the screen goes blank for the credits the theatre both times was gripped in silence at the drama of that final moment.  It's like everyone lets out a collective, OH MY GOOD GODDAM!!  Did that just happen?

Once more into the fray
Yay Liam!

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